I have always been drawn to animals, in my life and in my work. Both domestic and wild. My earliest drawings and paintings are of animals. I am inspired as an artist and a person by these little souls with whom we share this planet and our lives. 

Issues around animals are complex. We struggle to share our environment, humanely manage them in their service to us, and manage them socially as they share our lives in our communities. In my work I strive to portray them as individuals. I want the viewer to appreciate that they are cognitively complex and have an emotional life that includes their feelings toward us and to one another. My hope is that this awareness will lead us to carefully consider our choices as stewards. 

I am also really inspired by the energy in their spirits. Funny and lively, loving and sweet- they remind us about the most important things in life: loving the people around us, and living this moment. In the spirit of the way they live, my work is in lively color and bold brush work. 

I am feel so fortunate to do what I do, creating work that is meaningful, and meeting such great people and their animal companions is truly a joy.

I live with my husband, John, and two dogs, Zoey and Marley in the Portland Metro area. 

© Kellee Beaudry 2015