It is easy and affordable to have a one of a kind original of your one of a kind companion!


Sizes and Prices

14” x 14”       $165

18” x 18”       $220

20” x 20”       $280

24” x 24”       $360

30” x 30”       $480

36” x 36”       $570

•  Larger size paintings are available on request. Rectangular canvases are generally priced by dividing the measures of the two sizes to determine the  price.

Shipping is in addition to the price listed. I can provide an estimate with your request.

• Payment for paintings is half as a downpayment and the balance upon delivery. Shipping is in  addition to the price of the painting.

Information needed for your portrait

You can email or reach me by phone. The information I need to begin our process includes:

  • Your name; your pet’s name
  • The photos emailed or mailed (email me for my mailing address if needed).
  •  If you are in the Portland OR metro area I would be happy to help you get photos
  •  Your phone number and address
  •  A Shipping address if shipping (If outside the Portland, Oregon metro area)
  •  The size of the painting you want (if known, we can certainly talk about options)
  • Tell me about your pet. I strive to make your portrait very personal. I am able to accommodate almost any desire – colors, favorite toys or references to personality or favorite activities.
  • I usually request half payment at time we begin and half payment when it is delivered

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