Tips for Photos 

Helpful Hints for Good Photos

  • Good photos can really help you get the portrait you want. I can work with most photos, however better photos do make better paintings.  I can make some adjustments for photo’s regarding contrast and lighting but the position is important.

  • Shoot the picture at eye level if you want your pet to appear that way in the painting. If you shoot from above looking down on your pet, it is very difficult to translate it into a head on painting. Some really original and interesting paintings have been done from above though - anything you prefer is great with me!

  • If you want your pet to look alert in the painting you can try whistling, using a squeak toy or showing a treat to perk up their ears and get them to look directly at you. 

  • If your pet has a hard time staying still you can have someone pose with them (make sure hands don’t obscure too much or provide me with other photos that show the parts covered) and the person in the photo need not be included in the painting.

  • Closer photo’s are better than more distant images. It is always best to include a few reference photos from different angles and in different positions.

  • To make the painting personal you can include your pets favorite places, toys, and funny or cute poses in your photos. Adding these details can be fun and really add to your portrait.

  • If you send photos in the mail, please copy them before you send them. I would not want originals lost in the mail or damaged.  If you want photos returned I am happy to do this - just let me know.


© Kellee Beaudry 2015